How to set priority of network sources

Hi all,

I have an onion omega board that has run on openwrt firmware.

Currently i can connect to network via ethernet or wifi, for example if i unplug ethernet connection , still it can connect to network from wifi.

  1. I am wondering, If i add a new interface such as LTE, how it works ?
  2. Is it priority 1.ethernet 2.wireless 3.LTE ?
  3. if i want to change this priority ,is it possible ?

Thanks for any guide or help.

I think you need to install and configure the "mwan3" package.


Thanks for reply i will research it

You could assign metrics to the interfaces. Lower metric has higher priority. This is quite trivial to setup, but doesn't provide much flexibility and intelligence. If the ethernet connection fails without the cable being unplugged, it won't be detected and won't switch to the wireless.
Therefore it is worthy to use the advanced configurations of mwan3 as @eduperez suggested.


How do you plan to configure it?

Depends on how you set it (called metrics).


(mwan3 can probably set these in a web GUI.)

Edit: I see others responded with that information already :+1:

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