How to set legacy 802.11b only mode since 21.02.2

We all know that in /etc/config/wireless, There is an option called hwmode, which can be set 11b for 2.4 GHz (used for legacy 802.11b only), 11g for 2.4 GHz (used for 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n).

But it will DEPRECATED since 21.02.2, replaced with band. The band option has no way to distinguish between b only and g only modes( 2g for 2.4 GHz, 5g for 5 GHz)

While currently I can still use hwmode instead of band for b/g settings, there is no guarantee that it will be removed someday in the future, so it is unreliable.

I had to differentiate between b and g modes due to testing related work. Please does anyone know how to solve this problem?



to limit the rates to 11b ones isn't enough?

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I actually see no reason why the 2,4GHz radios as hardware will not be removed sooner or later because they are to slow for the world. Especially when the AX standard takes over after AC.

And A and B compared to G (and N if the client can handle it) is very much obsolete so they will not live on for ever in the actual hardware support anyway.

Thanks, our solution is to use

uci set wireless.radio0.htmode=NOHT
uci add_list wireless.radio0.supported_rates=1000
uci add_list wireless.radio0.supported_rates=2000
uci add_list wireless.radio0.supported_rates=5500
uci add_list wireless.radio0.supported_rates=11000

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