How to Set Different Access Rights on Samba 4.9

Hi, all.

I have Samba 4.9 on LDED. I would like to set guest have browsable right (read only) and have a certain user, like once375ml have the full access to all dirs

How to set the configuration?

security = user

config sambashare
option name 'Document'
option path '/mnt/sda1/Document/'
option read_only 'no'
option create_mask '0666'
option dir_mask '0777'
option users 'once375ml'
option guest_ok 'yes'

The above setting makes all dirs not accessible for guest under osx. I have to connect to the server with once375ml and password.

remove option users 'once375ml'

option read_only 'yes'
option write_list 'once375ml'

The write_list takes precedent over the read_only settings for the specified users.

leave above untouched?

Thank you, I will have a try.

It seems I figure out it.

add "guest_ok 'yes' " in shares section to allow guest access

add followings in global section

security = user

"map to guest = Bad User" allows wrong user name to access as guest

'guest account = nobody" guest =nobody. nobody does not require a valid login but in the password file.

as for writable access for certain user, much easier than anonymous guest access.

with above setting, nobody will arise a smbd process which allows anonymous guest access

Those are already all the defaults for the smb.conf.template, so you should not need to add/change anything?

'guest account = nobody" is not in LEDE/Openwrt samba 4.9.2 default global setting

The rest is a try of all kinds of parameters combination.

Because that's the samba default: