How to set bridge priority

Can someone tell me how to set the bridge priority under lede? I've tried adding commands to /etc/rc.local, for example:

brctl addbr br-lan
brctl setbridgeprio br-lan 12288

But somehow no matter what I do, when I reboot the router my priority comes back as 0x7fff. If there's no native support for this, then what I need is a way to trigger some sort of external shell script when an interface comes on line. Are there any hooks like that?


you're "fighting" with netifd here
whenever device boots up, the /etc/config/network file is loaded

you'd need to add a new field ; i am not entirely sure which section ; likely the type bridge section

config device
    option name br-lan
    option type bridge
    option priority 12288

by default netifd sets this to 0x7fff if unspecified
if it's not this section, try moving it to wherever lan or br-lan is specified and do /etc/init.d/network reload

Thanks. I don't have any "config device" sections in any files. There is a "config interface" section with an option type 'bridge'. Is this it? (I'm a little wary of messing with that section because if my br-lan bridge doesn't come up I'll have no way to get in and fix the problem.)

It's likely that one.

If you add parameters to it, it should be fine.
Configs usually ignore values they don't recognize.

So, adding an option field and calling network reload should be fine.