How to see the rate which physical port is locked on? (100M/1000M)

I'm using OpenWrt 22.03.3 on Xiaomi “Redmi Router AX6S”/”Xiaomi Router AX3200” and enjoying the OpenWrt capabilities.
I tried to investigate the physical ports: WAN and LAN, to verify which port locked on what speed (100M/1000M)
I don't see such option in the GUI, what am I missing?

ethtool ??

Kindly advise where it exist in the GUI

Use ssh, and install ethtool.

ethtool <interface>

Look for link speed

as long as you use the current stable firmware, this should be visible in luci, either as soon as you login to the admin page of openwrt or going to interface >> device >> br-lan for the lan ports or wan for the wan port.

the link speed is also recorded in logs as well specially if its mediatek based SoC.

Thank you, I can see it in the system log.
I'm using OpenWrt 22.03.3, can't find it in interface >> device, can you please kindly share a snippet? maybe I am missing it.

Are you for real? It in the middle of first status page shown after luci ligin.

Probably doesn't exist in the version that I'm using (22.03.3). I have just checked the entire page 3 more times from top to bottom and don't see such data.

Probably time to upgrade to 23.05.3

No. Available on 23.05 and not backported to 22.03.

Iirc, you might find status on either ‘Network/Switch’ or ‘ Network/Interfaces/Devices/Configure (bridge device)/Bridge VLAN Filtering’ if you’re on DSA.

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Back to 1st reply then, or upgrade.

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Upgraded to 23.05.3 and now have "Port status" in the main page, which include exactly what I was looking for! Thank you all

It is on the status page, just under the memory stats.

-4 hours too late :laughing:

No, it was not there on version 22.03.3

What does that contribute to the topic?

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