How to run TP Link WN722N v3 with Vodafone VH4032N V0.2.35 openwrt

Hello Guys

i have an "Vodafone VH4032N V0.2.35 router" and i've turned it to openwrt ( Become a reapter now )
now i wanna link my TP Link wn722n v3 (rtl9188EUS) with that Vodafone VH4032N... but the probleme is that there is no package and driver for Tp link v3 in Openwrt :cry:

TP Link wn722n v3 (rtl9188EUS) : Wireless adapter Wifi ( External )

Tell me what to do and what should i do to run tp link v3 with rtl9188EUS chipset in openwrt
Please help Me ASAP Because i need that so much
Thanks y'all

Try installng this driver package


Should work for that USB WiFi

How can i do that please ? Do you have an tutorial ? Video or article...etc ?
Please help me Plss i need that or just explain me how to do that

Where i should install those driver packages ? Please reply ASAP

INFO : i have Tp link wn722n v3 not v1 and v2
tp link wn722n v3 with rtl9188EUS chipset