How to run buildbot in my lab?

I want to build several targets automatically in my lab.

Now I'm using Python to build, but I don't how to generate the .config dynamically.
Can I run buildbot? If not, can I use other method to match my requirement?


That entirely depends on your infrastructure and requirements/ desires.

Technically speaking, a 6 line shell script will build OpenWrt for you - plenty of options how to streamline this into your desired workflow. OpenWrt's buildbot infrastructure is made to deal with dynamically coming- and going infrastructure and donated resources (with limited access), to work largely unattended.

@slh Thanks a lot.

Where can I get the "6 line shell script"? I want to generate .config dynamically.

@slh Thanks.

I know how to build OpenWrt manully, but now my goal is to build OpenWrt automatically, just like buildbot.

I want to write a script which is run by OS daily with no manual interaction. How can I achieve this?

…then this should be the obvious answer:

  1. clone
  2. cd
  3. feed update
  4. feed install
  5. write seed .config
  6. make

everything beyond that is just error handling and convenience orchestration.

This is an example for you

Once you have that kind recipe .config in your buildroot root, you can use "make defconfig" to expand it to the full .config with all dependencies etc.

(This is the step 5 in slh's command flow above)

Thanks a lot.

It works well for me

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