How to run AdGuardHome on a separate host? Any way for a failover DNS?

In order not to overload my current openwrt router, I am thinking of running AdGuardHome(AGH) in a server I am running 24x7. What settings should I change in openwrt for the lan interface to point to the IP of new AGH service?

Is there a way I can set a Public DNS as a "failover" option in case the new AGH is unable due to server restart or some other server downtime?

Thanks for your inputs.

You want option 6, and you can specify more than one IP.

Could always run the backup on a free cloud host ,)


great! Thanks for this.
I set up nextdns as second option 6 under lan interface and turned off my AGH service and it seems to be working.

So, what does the dns server settings under the WAN interface do?

That's the DNS IPs the router itself will use.

cool. should I leave the wan - dns settings as-is or are there any advantages to change it to my AGH service IP?

I don't see the point, the router itself doesn't generate any large amounts of traffic.

great! Thanks for the help!

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