How to route LAN through raw PPP?

What do I need to do to route lan traffic through a raw PPP connection on the host/parent wifi?
Here is a screen capture of what my hotspot app says on connecting to it via a raw PPP connection.

Can you stop making thread titles with trailing questions? Put the sentient details in the title so it's clear before entering the topic.

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sorry, force of habit.
I got the habit because I've run into customer service reps that only read the title and not the actual ticket.
And the habit carried over into everything.

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That looks like they're doing ppp over TCP (nc = netcat; a TCP connection). True raw PPP has no concept of an IP address or port number.

This sort of connection is really not anything standard.

It may work to launch pppd piped into nc with a script. I don't think UCI supports this.

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I was going to use ssh to get it setup and going anyway.