How to route all traffic over openvpn

Make sure the VPN connection is established and test the following:

  1. Restart Transmission.
  2. Use browser incognito mode to log in the website.
  3. Create a new torrent file and try to upload it.

Also check "Torrent Address detection" here:

I tried those suggestions but the website is still showing my wan ip. When going to ipleak it shows my vpn ip. Thanks

Sorry, I have no more ideas for the moment.
We don't really know the method they use to determine your IP.
And the fact you passed the "Torrent Address detection" test makes it even more strange.

Ok thanks for your time. I just wish to elaborate on my network set up, perhaps it might help. I have two routers. The one with the transmission client is a dedicated vpn router. Its wan interface connects to the internet facing router's lan port.

You can draw a scheme with your PC, Transmission and both routers.
Either something overrides your VPN router, or it remembers your original IP address via application state/storage, session parameters or browser cookie before the VPN connection is established.

Considering that i passed the 'torrent address detection' Is there anything else to check and see if anything is overriding the router? Thanks

We need to understand the method they use to determine your IP, so we can counter it.
You can try to find more sites testing IP leaks, but consider the results critically because some of them are just scammers.

Thankyou, Im getting the same results from other ip leaking testing sites. I imagine I need to figure the method they use like you highlighted. As all traffic is planned to go over the VPN and transmission is configured on the router, would I need to open the default port transmission uses for incoming traffic?

If your VPN provider gives you a public IPv4 or IPv6 address, then you can open a port for Transmission, otherwise it doesn't matter whether you open it or not.


...that doesn't firewall inbound traffic.

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Currently my vpn is not accessible so nothing should work. When downloading with transmission it worked just as before, whereas lan traffic did not work. Transmission is not going through vpn. Is it possible this is because of it being router traffic. Maybe there is a leak and if so how you stop router traffic from leaking please?

This manual was so easy to follow, do you have a manual for transsmission over vpn please?

No, because it runs on router itself.

Ok what do I need to do to get it working please?

I'll think about it. In this case there is option, how to implement inserting of OpenVPN-server IP to firewall rules. The simplest way is just to specify it manually, i.e. IP is defined both in OpenVPN-config and firewall. Have you solved the general problem with leakage in running tunnel?

Lan - wan has no leak. All lan traffic is forwarding to tun1. When tun1 is down lan traffic stops forwarding.

Router - wan. I do not know what to do here. I have just installed transmission using openwrt tutorial. Transmission downloads even if tun1 is down. My Wan IP shows on remote torrent site either way. Thanks

Hi, did you manage to give it some thought? Thanks

I'll think, I'll answer some days later, if not, please, PM me.

Please, write here, if the question is not solved.

Hey ! Sorry for checking in on this after so long! I was searching for the same and couldn't find a solve anywhere but managed to fix it myself finally..

In case you are still looking for a simple solve let me know!