How to revive Buffalo WHR-HP-G300n to use LEDE?

Long time ago somehow i installed LEDE on Buffalo WHR-HP-G300n 1.2v was like 17.01.0rc2,after install i this device not used,yesterday tried connect,what i see just power green led and diag red blinking,question how to revive him,because device are not crap,use tftp?:thinking::roll_eyes:

Following your recollection of events, I'd first check for a hardware problem (does the PSU still work, is the voltage stable under load). If that's o.k., tftp should always work on those buffalo devices.

Yes power block is working,just checked with multimeter,device been gently putted down,power led shine in green and red DIAG led blinking in red,LAN/wan port reacting to lan cable,but same device not reacting to reset button.