How to revert to previous version of OpenWrt?


I've recently installed OpenWRT 21.02 RC3 on my TP-LINK Archer C6v2 but I'(m having lots of issues with my wifi signal (both 2.4 & 5 ghz). Wifi connection is dropping constantly.

I want to look if 19.07 is running more stable. How can I swith to this version? Is it as simple as goint to system -> flash new firmware image & uploading the 19.07 'sysupgrade" img, or would that break things?

yes, it is as simple as... flashing firmware


Just make sure you don't keep the configurations when flashing from one major release to the other. Most likely there will be configuration options in 21.02 which will not be compatible with 19.07 and might have unpredicted behaviour.

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I saw your message too late :frowning:
I've flashed 19.07 keeping the configuration but now I cannot access my wifi router anymore: I can't find it on the network (not on the old ip, not on the default ip I still have internet connect with the cable (DHCP, DNS.. is configured on my other router)

What can I do to make my router visible again please? Is there a way to reset?

You may start with failsafe

As mentioned in the TP-Link Archer C6 v2 ToH,
You can try: Flash using TFTP recovery


Thx for the advice - I used failsafe to get ssh access to my router again and then the following commands to perform a soft reset:

reboot now

After which the router was factory reset and I could configure it again (luckily it's a dumb ap so not much configuration has to be done)

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