How to revert Redmi ac2100 to original firmware

Hello! I was following the guide about installing original firmware but I'm stuck now. I installed openwrt but now I want to sell the router and get another one. So I want to install the original firmware.

I followed the official guide for Redmi ac2100. I installed breed in the router. I don't know what to do from here. I tried installing the original firmware from the breed interface but it says that it is not the firmware of Xiaomi 3g. If anyone can guide me on what to do from here, that would be great. Thank you.

Hi! Did you find how to do it ? Thanks in advance, I have the same doubt... By the way, can I ask you why are you selling it ? Is there something maybe, that does not work properly ?

Usually, when you sell a device, you want it to be with stock firmware.

Openwrt isn't an unique selling point among the masses.

I know it Frollic; Thanks for your answer.

The point for asking is that he may have some issue with this router + openwrt; If in a few days I decide to flash myself openwrt, I want to be sure before I try it, that it will work with no major issues and, that if I decide to flash back the stock firmware again, I could do it too.

Life is short you know, and we have enough problems to deal with, so let's keep our problem's bag as empty as we can.

Seems it (can) use Breed, recovery should be safe and simple.

Yes ! Anyone have done it yet ? I cannot find the official Xiaomi Redmi webpage to use to download the official firmware...

If it's already running Breed, you can probably dump the content of the flash.

Not talking from my own experience though.