How to restrict access between devices in the network?

Hi there all. I don't know how to configure the router for my needs. Situation is like this:

ISP Modem/Router/AP which takes all my cable/Wifi devices than cable RJ45 goes into WAN of Tp-Link WR-741ND V1.1 (Gargoyle 1.1). This Tp-Link I want to use for wifi connectin to Smart Sockets / Smart Bulbs and other Smart Cloud devices and I don't trust those devices so I want them sit in restricted separated wifi on separate router/ap.

Tp-link can ping to - pc connected through RJ45 with ISP main router. But I don't want tp-link and all devices connected to it to get access to other computers from 192.168.0.x. How to do it?

If Gargoyle has similar web interface to OpenWrt You can follow this tutorial for Guest Wifi

or ask in the Gargoyle forums


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