How to restore uhttpd & dropbear keys

I am building a firmware that fully configures itself after an upgrade by using scripts under /etc/uci-defaults. The issue I have is how to restore the dropbear & uhttpd key files. I added two uhttpd files under /etc and the dropbear one under /etc/dropbear with the original permissions to the image, but upon an upgrade (without preserving config) they are regenerated.
Is there a way to make my files to be used?

Adding dropbear conf files before compiling does not work. Can`t login after flash. I am now copying config files after flashing. It started somewhat two months ago, so cannot tell which commit broke it

Maybe put them in... I don't know, /etc/keys, and then using a boot script that starts at 99, waits 15 seconds, restores the files and destroys itself?

Turned out to be a user error: it is all working fine.

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