How to restore RavPower RP-WD009 OEM Firmware

I encountered only having 5G and battery leds turn on after flashing the snapshot with the recovery web page at, using the hold reset button then power on and keep holding the reset button until the globe led lights up.

If you went directly to the snapshot or any 23.xx Openwrt builds, then try downloading the past releases, I started wwith the last 21.02.7 release factory image with the recovery page, then upgraded using sysupgrade images of 22.03.6 then finally 23.05.2, after that you may build your own snapshot or use the latest snapshot builds. This is what I did for it to work, you may need some patience waiting after the initial 21.07 flash. If your goal is to go back to the original firmware, then you may do the steps already posted in the forums right after 21.07 flash (get kernel and rootfs extracted from the original firmware file, scp them to your running openwrt and mtd write them respectively)