How to resolve uci namespace colide?

I found that package acme (based on and uacme(baed on's rapper using same config file path, /etc/config/acme. looks like later try to use same path , and duce uci path colides. it looks like later tried to be able to use same config for fommer. but I didn't check if it actually competeable
I can try to move one's config file to look at differernt filename, but it would break anyone used older version of that package.

edit: luci-app-acme try to support both acme and uacme, but it hard depend only on formal

Are you sure they are not config-compatible? Looks like uacme is intentionally installing its config as /etc/config/acme.

it does config-compatible (it actually use single wrapper script for acme and uacme) but uacme missing some options/ I guess I may commit a patch to make luci-app-acme to support uacme and not hard depend n acme

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