How to replicate config for iptv/vlan from other router w/o openwrt

Hi Im totally new here and also newbie with openwrt.I will have NETGEAR R6220 (tomorrow) router which i want to use with openwrt i just dont know how to replicate this config for vlans:

Anyone can help me? I will use openwrt 21.02.3

Second question im also new to linux.Is it possible to use nano to edit cfg files on router? Or i just can use clickable solution with luci?

If i dont configure iptv/vlans i will not use openwrt (just stock firmware)

Thanks in advance. English language is not my native so im sorry for my language.

P.S. Also please for easy step by step how to. Thanks

I bought my R6220 to keep in touch with dd-wrt firmware offerings, plus the price was right.

Yes you can use nano or any other editor you can install via opkg to change configuration files via command line. You can also use UCI (command line) or LUCI (Webinterface) to change configuration.

So you have the Internet and IPTV configure on two different LAN ports?
Generally VLAN tagging you configure on the Interfaces of your router. Depending on the hardware you use you have different capabilities.