How to replace dropbear to openssh?

I want to replace dropbear to openssh on my custom firmware. Because dropbear + openssh-sftp-server are very buggy bundle.

But default openssh-server config prohibits root access. So I want to change openssh-server config in firmware. How?

There's an old wiki on this


It's not difficult for me to replace dropbear by openssh in the running machine.
My question is how to did it in firmware.

Sorry I can't post detailed instructions right now.
Basically you need to use imagebuilder and remove dropbear and add openssh something like PACKAGES="openssh-server -dropbear" and add custom file with openssh config FILES="files/" where you'll create /etc/ssh/sshd file structure with content

PermitRootLogin yes
AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys
Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/sftp-server

I build my own firmware because standard firmware not good for my purposes. So what does this have to do with Image Builder?

Again: How to change config of openssh-server in firmware, created from scratch?

imagebuilder is the official tool for building your own firmware with any customizations you want (for both master and stable branches 19.07/18.06)
But if you like building from source the only way I know to customize it is to change the package source code

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