How to remove the 8 link restriction for new user post

I had successfully flashed openwrt on netgear R6260 router. I want to document here but the site does not allow me to post as it contains more than 8 links. The links are pointing to luci packages. Is there any other option other than to linger around here for few days until the restriction is removed. I am not sure it will be a right fit for wiki because its rather verbose.


@bob32433, welcome to the community!

You can increase your new user reputation by participating in other threads - before you make your post.

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I'd say is the place where to document installation instructions, but it will not hurt if you post them in the forum first for discussion.

Hint regarding the link limit: ht tp != http :wink:


Nice hint i tried http://a.b.c with a.b.c and it still recognizes as a link.
The page contains some general details. I want to document the post here and edit the wiki page and add the link to the notes section.

Hello Admins, I have spent about 6+ hours configuring the device and about one hour to write the documentation. Please remove the restriction so that i can post, or else i am planning to post on reddit or some other place and provide a link to it here

Hint: https:// openwrt . org /toh/netgear/netgear_r6260 is no link.

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