How to remove something from rootfs?

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I would like to know how to remove something from rootfs.
For example, at platform A, we have 3 profiles for different devices.
At AA profile, we do need the file /lib/firmware/static.bin.
At AC profile, we do not need the static.bin file.
How can we remove the static.bin before packing rootfs?

what exactly do you mean when you say profile?

Hi Wulfy23,

The profile means the option "Target Profile (xxxxxx)" on menuconfig.

well, you can have 3 .config files for each device... on the one not needing that firmware... deselect the package or adjust the DEFAULT_PACKAGES within the

Hi Wulfy23,

This is not what I want. Because something is belong to platform, for example, we put static.bin at target/linux/PLATFORM/base-files/lib/firmware/static.bin. We are looking for a way to remove/modify it for AC profile before packing rootfs.

If there is no way to remove/modify file before packing rootfs, yes, we need to pack static.bin as package and select/unselect it at


= A

There is no per-device files property in a standard buildroot... ( unless you use FILES and build 3 times )...

There are hacks and rejected pr's that provide this capability... although... doing it the proper way using package Makefiles will likely take less time, be more extensible and foolproof...


Hi Wulfy23,

I will follow standard to build up my firmware. Thanks.

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