How to remove OpenWrt from my R8000 router

Hi all,

I would like to remove Openwrt from my router Netgear R8000.
I have tried with TFTP and TFTP2 (tutorial found on Netgear forum) but it doesn't work: nothing happened.
I fixed my IP address of my computer to 192.168.1.x, I pinged the router to without problem.

Many thanks.

is there perhaps a FW blocking the TFTP traffic ?


I can confirm that nothing is working for me :

  • FW disabled
  • All other network card disabled (wifi)
  • / / on my network card (IPV4)
  • All cable are removed except the one linked to my laptop

Do you have more idea ? :slight_smile:


I just want to inform that it worked for me by using the nmrpflash method.

( jclehner/nmrpflash: Netgear Unbrick Utility (

Thanks frollic.

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