How to remove all supporting to wireless

Hi, I don't need any features about wireless, and I want build a image as small as possible.

Would anyone pls tell me what can I do?

At best, there is nothing about wireless in Luci GUI.

Thanks a lot!!!

I think it would help if you mentioned what device you want to do this on

By the way, there's no specific luci package that deals with wireless

as a start, you don't need

  • iw
  • iwinfo
  • libiwinfo-data
  • libiwinfo-lua
  • libiwinfo*
  • rpcd-mod-iwinfo
  • wireless-regdb

Thanks for your Help!!!

Mainly, I need to remove all elements in Web GUI, for example, in luci dashboard, status pages, all things about wireless would not be displayed.

yeah, not sure, but I think if there's no wireless devices, then luci doesn't display the page - at least, that's how it works for my edgerouter-x

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But the luci-app-status/luci-app-statistics are required, and they always display the status of wireless.

Then you can't get rid of them if they're required

You've tried this with no wireless devices?

By the way, I have neither of those packages installed - so they aren't required (except maybe it's your requirement)

You still haven't mentioned your target device - perhaps the answer is simple - but without more information from you, the answer is a pineapple

Sorry, my device is Marvell CN9130-CRB.

Surely it has no wireless device.

then what's the issue - is the wireless section present in network?

is there an image for that already?

Oh, wait, that's not a router, that's an SoC - are you creating a brand new device or something?

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Yes, I'm adding a new device supporting for OpenWRT.


Just came across this thread, sorry for the bump.

I went looking for information on removing wi-fi related files from my OperWRT installation which runs on a single drive WD-MBL with the 21.02.2-factory version for this hardware:

:~$ uname -v
#0 Wed Feb 16 20:29:10 2022
:~$ uname -a
Linux OpenWrt 5.4.179 #0 Wed Feb 16 20:29:10 2022 ppc GNU/Linux

While doing the last update and looking at the UI, I realised that it was updating these wi-fi related files:


Strange, because this WD-NAS does not have wi-fi or even USB.
Just a hidden/poorly documented headerless UART and a RJ-45 jack for the GbE controller.

So why these wi-fi files?
Are they needed for something else?

I did not (at least don't recall doing it) install these files and wonder why it is that they are part of the installed image.

eg: iw, libiwinfo*, rpcd-mod-iwinfo and wireless-regdb are not installed.

When you go into the UI and click remove, you don't get a dependency warning and an option to cancel so it is a chance I don't want to take.

Please advise.
Thanks in advance.



They're inherited from the global default package set. You should be able to safely remove them.



Today I did some more reading on the matter and realised that there would be no gain in doing so as the freed space would remain in place, so to speak.
ie: marked as reserved, no space would be recovered.

To gain anything I'd have to generate a custom image without those packages.
I still have to get used to how these embedded systems work.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer in an old thread. =^)