How to remove all security?

OK, sorry, i retake from the begin,
how to supress all security, password for ssh, firewall and other if there are ?

service firewall disable
service firewall stop
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I think you should be more specific...

Do you want to remove SSH, or replace it with an unsafe TELNET? Do you need to remove passwords on the web interface?

service dropbear disable
service dropbear stop
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It's not that we keep our infos.
The question "How to remove all security" without any further explanation and the CAPS LOCK sounds like you are 80 years old and you expect us to guess what do you want to achieve.
I am very sorry if someone put pineapple on your pizza today, but keep your nerves to yourself instead of trash talking to people who offer to help you.


Then use a software on your preferred system/device that allows serial file transfer, what does this have to do with OpenWrt???

Are you OK???

What does that have to do with OpenWrt?

OpenWrt's documentation is found at

Lastly, the term "remove all security" is extremely vague. I'd personally term (and I think the Wiki does also) SSH as service, not "a security".

Maybe if you explain your use case, you can get a clearer answer.

What's wrong with that? :pizza: :pineapple:


opkg install windows95 :joy:


GUI would be too much, going to have to go to DOS, or just pull the plug.


I am not taking you out for diner

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ok sorry, but may be you can explain to me how an os like raspbian (pios now) have 4 Gos and the structure is completly a shit, and just to do for what ? 4 Gos, imagine, it is x100 encyclopedia univer salis, there is a problem with developpers, and when i want some infos, ask to me : you must do that and that and that, or what do you want exactly and bla bla bla.
I have a hardware (vocore2 with mips24k cpu) and i want to do what i want with it but always (with raspberry the same, esp32 idem etc etc..), it block with software (an OS is a software for me) and when i search docs on internet, nothing clear with a lot of others adress of website with the same problem.
To come back with subject, for example i have raspberry pi3B+ and i want to access to vocore2 via ssh, but i don't want to enter a password and i want to make a bash script to access it without validate with enter(a problem again, every time and everywhere, password password and another password, may be developpers don't know to make security so they give that to users : password : update upgrade, curious the update and upgrade, on raspberry everyday there are some upgrade, developpers don't know to make something finish ?), i want vocore2 access to internet, i don't arrive with luci, there are some words that i don't understand (it's a problem too, who change the technic word every time), luci is a nice graphic interface but that's all, just nice. You want i talking to you stability, ergonomy, accessibility, bugs (+complex => - stable +bugs - ergonomy - accessible, not need to be a genius to understand that), of system ? If you want some a lot examples, i can give you, i have, but i think you don't want...

What problems exactly do you have with passwordless ssh login?


I don't know what 4 Gos is.

For the rest I couldn't follow, sorry.


How bout trying a single question - related to the topic, please?

(I surmise this is your question)
So why don't you setup a password-less login as suggested twice?

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Are you sure they have exactly 4 Giga Octets?

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OK, in English we say gigabytes...

You have 4 GB of what?

Is this regarding SSH key-based access?

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I assume this means how to run the command to disable SSH?

You would SSH and enter this on the command line; but you also asked how to disable it.

Please use full [English] sentences.

Veuillez utiliser des phrases complètes en anglais s'il vous plaît.

I don't understand your statements; and there is no bug.

service dropbear disable
service dropbear stop

I do that and now i haven't access to VOCORE2, can you give me your adress postal to send it to you for repare connard ?

pi@3bplus:~ $ sudo ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

You've deleted the relevant post and request to be given the command. Can you please restore those posts?

Can you please explain what this means:


Because fixing this will restore SSH.

Could you be reasonable, please. It almost seems threatening to request personally identifiable information.

:thinking: Why didn't you simply ask how to reverse this????? :bulb:

If you have a web GUI:

  1. Browse to
  2. Enable/Start:

You know, it's more helpful if you told us the version OpenWrt the device is running - rathar than to keep saying that in CAPS.


Editing your first post is not advised, I actually did not notice it. Also, other readers in the future will be confused.

Did you ignore @eduperez's question?

If you mean "no password", OpenWrt doesn't set one by default.*


You were told:

Also, this would not be considered "suppressing security".

You were told:

What does this mean???

Again, you were told:

* Since we don't know your use case; and it makes no sense to disable the firewall and the password on a router, this is a quite an uncommon inquiry. Your reasoning of "suppress all security" is quite confusing without context. Readers in the community seeing this thread should be warned not run a router without a firewall/password in normal cases. :warning:

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OP, if you can describe your use case in detail using your native language (and translate it into English using Google Translate), we may be able to better understand your situation.