How to remotely access my travel router using my Public IP in home?


I want to access my travel router with OpenWRT connected to my home router with my public IP at home.

My travel router is connected to my wireguard server installed on my home router.

I can access my home router GUI using its public IP Now, how to access my travel router GUI using my home router public IP by changing only the port. Example: Since my travel router is connected via wireguard VPN.

Tried to port forward my travel router VPN IP to my home router but still not working.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you.

It's not a very good idea to have unencrypted access to the router GUI - this is intentionally disabled by default. You are way more secure by connecting via a VPN (like Wireguard) first and access the GUI then via its internal IP.

That said, a port-forward should work, but you need to forward from your home router to your travel router's VPN IP (you phrased it the other way round, I don't know if that's a language issue or the actual issue).


Step 1: connect to the vpn server at home.
Step 2: Browse to the internal IP the travel router has on the wan interface.
As mentioned by @andyboeh it is a bad idea to expose the Luci webpage to the internet, especially with unencrypted http.
Restrict the access to port only to the lan and change the passwords, just in case it was compromised.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will take note of this.

Will use a VPN instead to access my routers.

Thank you.