How to Remote Access USB and HDD from Outside The Network

How can I access usb and hdd from outside the network. I want to make my own cloud.

  • Can you provide more information?
  • Opening your HDD and USB to WAN doesn't make a cloud - so please elaborate on the goal you want to accomplish

I am using Xiaomi r3p. I want to get a stable internet address and access the device remotely.
for example


I'm still unclear on what you're seeking. Do you want:

  • Dynamic DNS; and
  • to open your BitTorrent Client to the Internet???

If so, see:


  • are you trying to expose your mounted partition's files and folders via a HTML page???


  • Do you mean you want a Static IP; or
  • does that mean that you haven't setup the router yet?

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Aslında yapmak istediğim şu. Modeme bağladığım USB ye yada HDD ye ağ dışından erişmek. İstediğimde varsa uygulamayla yada FTP üzerinden dosya indirmek ve yüklemek. Torrent indirmelerini yine ağ dışından yönetmek. Yani kısaca dünyanın neresinde olursam olayım usb yada hdd ye erişmek ve yönetmek istiyorum. Bunu ağ içinde kullandığım 192.168... adresi ile değilde belirlemiş olduğum kendime ait web adresiyle ulaşmak istiyorum.

Actually, what I want to do is. Accessing the USB or HDD that I connected to the modem from outside the network. If I want to download and upload files with the application or FTP, if available. To manage torrent downloads from outside the network again. In short, wherever I am in the world, I want to access and manage usb or hdd. I want to reach this with my own web address, which I have determined not with the 192.168 ... address I use in the network.

I advise that you setup a VPN connection - using DDNS to connect to it. Do not expose your HDD and router console to the Internet directly.

So to outline the steps that @lleachii included, you need the following:

  1. Mount the disk on the router, so it's available to the router.
  2. Share the disk on the local network.
  3. Setup VPN/DDNS.
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Destekleriniz için teşekkür ederim. Tüm ayarları uyguladım. Diski erişime açtım. Fakat vpn/ddns ayarlarını yapamadım. Kendi web adresim var. DDNS için clounflare kullandım.

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Thank you for your support. I applied all the settings. I made the disc accessible. But I couldn't adjust the vpn / ddns settings. I have my own web address. I used clounflare for DDNS. I cannot access the router from my web address.

Thank you. I used cloudflare for this. I made the necessary guidance. I changed the NS settings. But I don't know where to access the router.

By its IP?

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Perhaps you should use complete sentences and elaborate.

What do you mean by "I don't know where to access the router."

The answer is obviously "by its IP", and you intend to setup DDNS and VPN?

  • so did you configure DDNS to the WAN of the router?
  • or are you asking something else???

Please do not post your public IP. :man_facepalming:

It looks like you showed us your DDNS config page...if that represents your real IP...I don't understand the issue.