How to reduce the spam by udhcpc

how do I reduce the spam by udhcpc? I can't find anythink usefull in the system log if I have to look at it because it is full of udhcpc messages.
It would be enough if it tells me when the wan IP did change or a error happend and shut up all the useless stuff
If there is no setting compiling OpenWRT from source with a patch would also work for me.
Currently it looks like this.

Thank you everybody for help

The logs are telling you your ISP isn’t letting you renew your lease properly. Are all the redacted DHCP server IPs the same one in your screenshot, or do they vary?

You were 15 seconds away from losing your WAN lease and losing internet access before emergency action was taken by udhcpc to broadcast a “Hello, Anyone?!” request which your ISP finally honored.

With a 90 minute lease, they should be letting you renew after 45 minutes (half the lease time). But they don’t, or the same IP that offered the lease last time does not accept direct requests for renewal.


that is vodafone germany, they don't anwser on unicast renew. So how can I always use broadcast or mute this unicast stuff that will not work with my ISP?