How to redirect (sub)domain to ip and port

I have installed OpenWrt on an x86 machine, got the initial setup working and I can access the router at openwrt.lan. I have a couple other services installed on this machine, which have their own frontend, e.g. I can access Portainer via openwrt.lan:9000, Home Assistant via openwrt.lan:8123 or Frigate via openwrt.lan:5000. Alternatively, I can replace openwrt.lan with the IP address of my router which is in my case.

I don't want to remember all the ports all the time, so I would like to just enter e.g. portainer.openwrt.lan and get redirected to port 9000 automatically. How do I set that up?

Also, I have secured the frontends of those services with SSL and can only access them via https://openwrt.lan:9000 and entering http://openwrt.lan:9000 will return a 400 error. How do I redirect the HTTP requests to HTTPS?

DNS is unaware of ports.

You could however do redirects in the web server
if you set up aliases like or

Ok, I think that's ringing a bell on the stuff I learned in uni some time ago....

So I could set up an nginx server with the required proxy_pass entries to the other ports like this?

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name portainer.openwrt.lan;
    location / {
        proxy_set_header Host $host;
        proxy_redirect off;


I would of course have to change /etc/config/uhttpd as well since LuCI is currently listening to port 80 and 443. Would that be a viable solution?

Yeah, would work, if it can't be done in uhttpd.

But it seems to support it, look at

Nginx can probably replace uhttpd too, but you'd have to look for info regarding how to configure it.

That's even easier. Just took a couple mins to change the file, thanks for the link

uhttp (cgi redirector) can handle host portion nicely see;

one way to handle (wildcard) dns...;


kind of a long way around doing (non-local-pages) things tho' unless your websites come and go frequently...

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