How to redirect MAC address of clients in to custom host file?

Dear Experts,

I'm having a problem to make custom redirect MAC address of clients and their IP address when access the router, I'm looking forward to hear your advice. Can I describe my error as below:

  1. I made config DHCP for 2 device connect to DNSmasq of router under "note10, e5"
  2. I add hosts of that hosts as below in dnsmasq.conf file as below:
  3. The content of note10 and e5 file as below:

    as you can see I want to block access some domain from note10 device and e5 as the list.
    However, when I test the result, it seem both of note10 and e5 block all domain as list of 2 files.

Base on your expertise, could you please help me how can I filter each clients will be follow by their own host file? or do you have another solution for force each clients will access their own host file?

Warmly thank you so much with best regards,