How to recover FritzBox 7430 (or not?)

Got an old FritBox 7340 lying around and wanted to sell my cable router since I am not using it anymore.

With a bit of trial and error (and properly reading the documentation) I got OpenWrt installed on it.

Now I also had some other AVM (FritzBox) products to form a WiFi mesh with my cable router and would like to keep using them.

Question 1: The setup in OpenWrt asks for a key and id of the mesh to properly connect. Not even sure where to start and get these from the AVM devices to be honest.

Since I struggled with this, I thought to just go back to the original firmware. Tried the recovery tool of AVM and no success.

Question 2: How can I recover a device which is successfully running OpenWrt? I tried the recovery tool on windows. Assigned a manual IP to my ethernet device 192.168.1.x and the recovery rool is actually looking for a device on but doesn't have any success to find anything.

Some additional notes: Read somewhere that the original firmware might still be bootable and tried connection via ftp as well. I was successful twice, but now I cannot get the connection again.

Any advice/help? My ultimate goal here is to get the mesh working. If it works with OpenWrt, fine! If I have to recover to the original firmware, also fine. The mesh devices are Powerline 1260E and Powerline 1220E.

AVM is using a proprietary 'meshing protocol', it doesn't interoperate with any other vendor (which is common), nor with OpenWrt.

This is supposed to work. The OEM bootloader (and its kind of ftp access for recovering) remains untouched by OpenWrt, that's everything needed to use their (windows-) recovery tool.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions! Unfortunate that they use a proprietary protocol.

Perhaps a follow-up? The laptop I use is a company laptop and I have no idea what they are blocking on the device. Is it possible that the connection might be prevented by a firewall setting?

Almost anything sold as "mesh system" uses vendor- (and often even model-) specific proprietary protocols.

It is possible, yes.

Another thing to increase your chances, is adding a simple unmanaged switch between the windows client running the recovery tool and the to-be-recovered Fritz!Box.

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Was able to recover it via wine! Thanks again!

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