How to recover bricked AP

I have two APs that recently had OpenWRT installed on them. I wanted to flash them back to their original manufactures' firmware, which I downloaded from them manufactures website. I tried to do a normal sysupgrade, but it didn't work. So I did a forced sysupgrade using the -F option.

Now both APs appear to be bricked. I can't get to them over IP. What are my options for recovery?

What devices?

TP-Link EAP235


U-boot can be interrupted during boot, serial console is 57600 baud, 8n1
This allows installing a sysupgrade image, or fixing the device in
another way.

* Access serial header from the side of the board, close to ETH3,
  pin-out is (1:TX, 2:RX, 3:GND, 4:3.3V), with pin 1 closest to ETH3.
* Interrupt bootloader by holding '4' during boot, which drops the
  bootloader into its shell
* Change default 'serverip' and 'ipaddr' variables (optional)
* Download initramfs with `tftpboot`, and boot image with `bootm`
    # tftpboot 84000000 openwrt-initramfs.bin
    # bootm

Revert to stock:

Using the tplink-safeloader utility from the firmware-utils package,
TP-Link's firmware image can be converted to an OpenWrt-compatible
sysupgrade image:

  $ ./staging_dir/host/bin/tplink-safeloader -B EAP235-WALL-V1 \
      -z EAP235-WALLv1_XXX_up_signed.bin -o eap235-sysupgrade.bin

This can then be flashed using the OpenWrt sysupgrade interface. The
image will appear to be incompatible and must be force flashed, without
keeping the current configuration.;a=commit;h=1e75909a35a2b361cdfdfcf18a26ad61271b174e