How to Recover Backed-up MTD Partitions?

Hey, guys! I have a TD-W8980 device that I was trying to install OpenWRT on it through the shell but unfortunately, after I've split the firmware I've flashed the same part on mtd1 & mtd2 and bricked it.

The good news here, and I'm not sure if it is, but I've already backed up all of the MTD partitions and I haven't touched the boot partition, so if Uboot is still intact, would it be possible to recover these MTDs via TTL and resurrect the router, if so how to do that?

In general, what are your thoughts about this situation?

If you can access uboot through serial, and you want to install OpenWrt anyway, I don't see any reason not to do the process outlined in


Thanks for replying! So I don't need to erase mtd1 & mtd2 then restore the backup? I'm just asking because I'm afraid to perform a sloppy installation as I believe I have messed those two partitions really bad.

mtd1 would be kernel and mtd2 the corresponding rootfs, by installing OpenWrt both will be replaced completely (regardless of their current content), so just installed OpenWrt as explained via serial console/ tftp.

mtd0 (boot) and mtd6 (radio) are something to be much more careful about.

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