How to record the log when access admin page

I want to record the ip(or mac) who try to login the admin page
what should I do

it is logged by default

logread -e luci | grep ' login '

Thu Jun 24 02:27:30 2021 : luci: failed login on / for root from
Thu Jun 24 02:27:37 2021 : luci: accepted login on / for root from

edit: is this question the same as

might be some tips there?


Thx a lot!!

I use logread -e luci | grep ' login ' but get nothing,

I think It may be lede firmware's problem,

Can I find the login part and add nixio.syslog in luci?

doubt it... lede is legacy... if your running something unusual... you should either switch to something common... or state your setup more clearly....


I got it, thanks for your answer!

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