How to recalculate checksum

I want to experiment with an TP-Link WA701ND, but i can't install OpenWRT. This TP-Link has version Lock. I try to change the binary with a Hex editor but are in the same point than before.
I read something to use a mktplink tool for create a custom firmware to flash. But I don't know how to create something flashable. I am newbie for this. I know this device is too old, and i have a Xiaomi Mi wifi 4a gigabit in Openwrt 21

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Yes, it is. And now unsupported.

Is the version v2 and has the EU loock I download in Ubuntu LTS 20.04 the tool from jtreml jtreml/firmware-mod-kit: Forked from (


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In this case, you will be editing, copying and pasting an exact portion/string. You cannot make any errors.

My problem is in how to create the flashable file
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Thanks for the link, it's the same information on the Wiki. I provided you a link with an example to use a Hex Editor.

You do exactly that it says:

you put 00000000;45550000; at address 0x120

In laymen's terms:

Copy and Paste the string 00000000;45550000 at exactly spot 0x120

Regarding "recalculating" - I have no clue what the poster in the Archive means by "recalculate the cheksum" as it related to the task. All files have a checksum and you simply run sha256sum <file> to obtain it. So this mktplinkfw tool must do something else I'm unsure about. :man_shrugging:

I hope this helps.

For a one-off project I would use serial to install. That bypasses any country checks in the factory firmware. Once you are running OpenWrt it can be upgraded without concern for region locks.

There is very little that can be done with the 4M flash. What I'm doing with mine was to swap to an 8M or 16M flash chip then it will run current release builds for WR-710N v1(*). For any large apps like VPN you'd also need to swap the RAM chip to 64M.

  • Running this similar model firmware works properly except that the Ethernet and Wireless LEDs do not work, and if the flash is 16M only 8M will be usable.

The device is for learning. I have an ZBT WE 826q with 128MB of Ram and 16MB of storage. And an Xiaomi mi wifi 4a gigabit. But i want to experiment with a device and if i brick them ok.