How to rebuild firmware for MR3020 chip?

Greetings people from the forum,

It turns out that I wanted to change the BIOS chip of my TP-LInk MR3020 by one of 8mb or 16 mb (I have both chips) but when desoldering the one of the plate broke one of the front legs (the ones stuck to the point that indicates the position of the chip).

I think that because of this my chip reader does not recognize it (CH341A), my question is:

Is there a way to burn a new chip without having a backup of the original?

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Saludos gente del foro,

Resulta que queria cambiar el chip de la BIOS de mi TP-LInk MR3020 por uno de 8mb o 16 mb (tengo ambos chips) pero al desoldar el de la placa rompi una de las patas delanteras (las pegadas al punto que indica la posicion del chip).

Creo que debido a esto mi lector de chips no lo reconoce (CH341A), mi pregunta es:

¿Existe alguna forma de grabar un nuevo chip sin tener un backup del original?


Without the boot loader and device-specific data in the ART partition (and potentially the config partition), it's dead.

You might want to look at the GL.iNet devices such as the GL-AR300M with 128 MB of RAM and 128 MB of NAND flash (~US$40) or the GL-MT300Nv2 (~US$20) with 128 MB of RAM and 16 MB of NOR flash.

If I get a dump from another MR3020, can I not edit the MAC data and possibly the serial or what is this proposing is crazy?

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Si consigo un volcado de otro MR3020, ¿no puedo editar los datos del MAC y posiblemente el serial o lo que esto proponiendo es una locura?

The MAC is "easy" -- what you would be missing is the wireless calibration data which is different for every device (and whatever is in the "config" partition).

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There is no remedy, I will have to try this:

Any charitable soul that sends me a dump of your ART partition for an MR3020?

Thanks again

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No hay remedio, tendre que probar con esto:

¿Alguna alma caritativa que me mande un volcado de su particion ART para un MR3020?

Gracias nuevamente

I don't know where you live, but if shipping from Amazon is reasonable for you, the excellent GL.iNet AR750S, dual-band travel router with 128 MB of NAND and 128 MB of RAM has a 20% off coupon right now for ~US$56 (normally US$70).

Well, I forgot to post the answer to the forum, but if it is possible to recover a router if the firmware chip has died, you only need a complete DUMP of the same model of your router (I found several different TPLink routers on the internet by searching for DUMP XXXXX where the X are the router model), then you program it on a new chip and take the router automatically, you write down the MAC, the PIN and the default network that appears, you go back to the DUMP that you downloaded and with a hexadecimal editor or in the The same tool that you use to record the chip, you look for those values and replace them with yours (in case you don't have them, you would have to try with random MACs that come to mind) after that you record this custom DUMP and pass it to the router chip with the programmer, I saved several TPLink routers with my CH341A.

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Bueno, me habia olvidado de enviar la respuesta al foro, pero si es posible recuperar un router si el chip de firmware ha muerto, solo necesitas un DUMP completo del mismo modelo de tu router (encontre varios de diferentes router TPLink en internet buscando DUMP XXXXX donde las X son el modelo del router), luego lo programas en un nuevo chip y coje el router automaticamente, apuntas la MAC, el PIN y la red por defecto que aparece, vuelves al DUMP que bajaste y con un editor hexadecimal o en la misma herramienta que usas para grabar el chip buscas esos valores y los reemplazas con los tuyos (en caso de no tenerlos abria que probar con MAC aleatorias que se te ocurran) luego de eso grabas este DUMP personalizado y lo pasas al chip del router con el programador, yo salvé asi varios router TPLink con mi CH341A.