How to prevent unauthorized access to printer?

I am trying to use my printer from outside my network and have forwarded a port on OpenWRT for this purpose. However, sometimes the printer prints random stuff. Is there a way to add a password to the printer or any other solutions to prevent this from happening without using OpenVPN?

You shouldn't really expose your printer to the internet.

Why aren't you considering a solution like wireguard to allow secure access to your network?

You could investigate fwknop which allows port knocking to remotely open and close ports.

If you don't want a full VPN you can accomplish what you're doing now more safely with SSH port forwarding. You expose SSH (after disabling password logins) to the outside. Then you conect remotely over SSH and use it to tunnel the correct port.


Thanks a lot to both of you for your help with my printer problem! Your suggestions were really useful and I'm grateful for your assistance. I'll check out the solutions you both recommended and see if they work for me.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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