How to prevent ssh client to access/view a specific folder under the firmware

Using the SSH opened port, it was possible to verify the folders and the files present, under the directory /usr/share/SecretFolder They are exposed without authentication. My question it's possible to forbid interaction (list/edit/delete/copy) with them. or to hide this folder.

for who ? from where ? using what ?

-for all user admin...
-from ssh session (when I access to the gateway
ssh admin@
cd /usr/share/secretFolder && ls
=> I should see nothing.

set a 700 permission on the folder owned by root:root .

it was already 700 the permission, but I'm still able to view the content from ssh!
drwx------ 1 root root 232 Sep 28 2021 secretfolder

How was the "admin" user created? Is it a real user, or just an alias for "root"?

Yes, I found that the admin is the same root, how I can separate them?

delete the admin alias, or stop it from using ssh ?

what openwrt release is this, anyway ?

Well, it depends on how you want to use this "admin" user, and what permissions will have.

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