How to ping from WAN to LAN?

Let me explain you what my goal is -

I have 2 different networks-

  1. Mainstream ISP Router (subnet-68)
  2. OpenWRT Router (subnet-2)

I want to connect both network in order to Ping both sides WAN and LAN(.68 devices can ping .2 devices as well as .2 devices can ping .68 devices)

And, I cannot ping from .68 to .2 network, only i am able to ping from .2 to .68 network

Now, tell me how to achieve this

If you cannot set a static route on the ISP router you cannot ping to the OpenWRT router.

There is a workaround and that is to set the static route on each individual client on the ISP subnet you want to use to ping/connect to the openwrt router and subnet

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So, can i make 2 openwrt routers 1st on WAN(.68) and 2nd on LAN side(.2),
I can do one thing,

I can replace my mainstream router with an OpenWRT router.

I think if my main router will be a OpenWRT router, It will allow to set a Static Route.

Can i do this?

If you can replace your ISP router with an OpenWRT router you can do that as you can set a static route on the OpenWRT router.

Not all ISP's allow you to replace their router you should ask at the ISP