How to pass the verification website?


i use a fritzbox 4020 with openwrt on it.

Frist of all it is a lan port form me room conatect with the router (WAN port)
and i need to verification meself by a website, which will save the mac adresse.
But the page is not open "page not font"
it the right URL Via IP adresse or URL.

If i do the same thing on a normal frtizbox it will work.

it is a studiten house, everbody got his own LAN port wihch you need a verification by Personal Data.

I am new for openwrt and tryed to set up openvpn

finaly i stuck verification me.
please for help.

Look for "travelmate" in this forum.


Thanks it helped me and i stuck on setting it up

i try to follow

but doesn´t know how to edit /etc/config/network: or /etc/config/firewall

even the status is differnt
Travelmate Status (Quality)


Travelmate Version




Station Interface

Faulty Stations

Last Run

13.03.2019 21:09:07

Sorry, I cannot help you configure the package, never used it.

thanks anywhere