How to pass Messages from Client to AP

Hi, I am currently working on a communications system for a smart microgrid. I managed to get the hello world example working on my development kit, however I am still new to the platform and I am finding it difficult to figure out which code I need to edit for my application.

  1. How do I go about getting a client to send a specific text message (hello_world) to an AP upon registration?
  2. How do I enable a live interface between the client and AP, for example if I send a text message serially to the client, how do I get the AP to output this message serially as well?

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Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here.

The forum is not a generic place to gain random knowledge... especially when it is for commercial interest...

Hi, Sorry about the lack of detail. I am developing on the Mango Dev kits from 8devices. It uses a very old version of OpenWrt with Kernel 4.4.60. Firmware Version: QSDK-open Chaos Calmer v4.0 1433e30+r49254 / LuCI qsdk-11.3-ipq60xx-4.4 branch (git-21.068.36719-1433e30)

I cannot seem to find the source files. I assume it is downloaded and added to the build directory upon compilation. How do I go about editing these source files?

And here you are wrong. The QSDK is not "an old version of OpenWrt", yes they've taken an old version of OpenWrt as their base, but then replaced crucial parts (kernel, wireless drivers, parts of the networking support, etc.) with their semi-proprietary ones. This behaves significantly differently from OpenWrt, especially in the parts you're asking about - as a result all bets are off and we can't help you (OpenWrt doesn't support ipq60xx and ath11k at all so far).

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Just try mqtt/mosquitto message broker or generate a cgi-bin script and use the (luci) uhttp daemon.

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Thank you. That worked for me.

if you can share code snippets on what you are working on will be nice!

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