How to pack all firmware/drivers and all (luci) application into 1 single .img?

Hi All,

How to pack all firmware/drivers and all (luci) application, protocol, and kernels into 1 single .img for 1 action installation?

I have selected * for all apps, protocol........ , but they are not packed into .img, despite I have selected enough selected big enough root and boot file size. I have 8G emmc.

Thank you for your help.

"All"? Meaning every package that is possible to build for OpenWrt? You can't, there are conflicts and it won't fit on virtually anything but an x86 with a hard drive.

Without the buildbot, it's difficult to even successfully build all packages. If you were able to, one approach would be a full repo on the device's disk from which you could install from.


thank jeff