How to open a port in LUCI

So I wanted to port forward the router itself ( to WAN so I can view my cameras on my main network.

Here is a diagram.


I am not sure what to use for port forwarding port 8080 to my main router so I can view it on my Surveillance System.

Do I use the LAN network on the Source or on the Destination and do I use the WAN network on the Source or on the Destination.

I don't think this is what you want, unless the service that you will be using actually resides on the router. In other words, if you are connecting to a camera or an NVR, you want to forward a port directly to that device since the service is running on those devices, not on the router itself.

What is the purpose of the OpenWrt router in your network? I ask because it may not really be necessary to use as a router (for example, if you're just using it as a wifi AP, you can configure it in a "dumb AP" mode instead of operating as a router).

How do you normally view the cameras? Do you have an NVR? or just one or more cameras not connected to a central NVR? This will impact the destination.

Finally, does your main router provide you the ability to add static routes?

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