How to modify the dts for a specific board - olimex a20 micro for example and rebuild the kernel?

I am building an image for an a20-micro board from olimex. I want to make soem modifications in the dts for it, I would be disabling the HDMI and enabling a 4th uart port.

In general guidlines its said to edit teh dts file in target/linux/dts folder. but there isnt any for sunxi. There are some patches though

How can I edit teh dts file for olimex-a20-micro ?

Secondly is it OK if search and find in teh build directory the file sun7i-a20-olinuxino-micro.dts in all its locations and edit it. Then run the make command?

Will it build the new image with the modifications?

Your device's DTS is in the upstream linux kernel source. You have to treat it like a kernel patch, using quilt.

Usually, you can also edit the DTS in the build directory and re-run make, but your changes will be lost when the build system thinks it needs to clean the kernel build directory.

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