How to manually toggle led usb:power

I want to manually switch the USB power from the shell.
The WDR4900 has several leds:

leds {
		compatible = "gpio-leds";

		system_green: system {
			gpios = <&gpio0 2 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			label = "tp-link:blue:system";

		usb1 {
			gpios = <&gpio0 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			label = "tp-link:green:usb1";

		usb2 {
			gpios = <&gpio0 4 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			label = "tp-link:green:usb2";

		usbpower {
			gpios = <&gpio0 10 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
			label = "tp-link:usb:power";

I can manually toggle most leds (tp-link:green:usb1, 2) by writing to /sys/class/leds.../brightness, but the USB power won't change.

Adding a trigger in the led configuration does work, but I don't want that, I need to be able to turn it off/on on demand using a script.

Any ideas?
Might it be "hijacked" by the Kernel USB module?

Do you mean in the source or on the device?

What should toggle the LED is writing default-on and none to the trigger in sysfs:

echo "default-on" > /sys/class/leds/tp-link:usb:power/trigger

That's exactly what I was asking for, I will try, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: