How to make wake on WAN step by step

I have public static IP Adress, I read that with OpenWrt is possible to do Wake to Wan (over the internet, not on LAN same network). I am new to that but i can not figure how to do that.
Could please somebody write me step by step tutorial how to do that?
I am very interested with doin that.
Thank you, best wishes,

What would you like to wake up? A device (computer) on your LAN?

If yes, I would do the following:

  • Install luci-app-wol to have a nice GUI for Wake-on-LAN
  • Install luci-proto-wireguard and set up a Wireguard VPN connection to have access from the Internet

Whenever I need to wake up a computer, I connect via Wireguard, access the OpenWrt web interface and can easily wake up devices on my LAN.