How to make the kernel version lower than default?

Hey guys,
When compiling the openwrt source code, no matter 19.07 or 18.06. after update seeds and install, I always get the kernel version with 4.14.63-1, however, I need to use some precompiled kernel module with version of 4.14.63 in imagebuilder, is there any way I can let the compiled kernel use 4.14.63? which file should I update before make?

Thanks a lot,

No, imagebuilder relies on precompiled packages from the repository. This means all package versions and their dependencies are as they are in the official release.

Thanks slh for the feedback,
Yes I know that, that is why I am asking whether there is a way to compile my openwrt source with the same kernel version as it in the precompiled package( which is 4.14.63). But right now no matter which version I choose from the github branch. The result is always 4.14.63-1.