How to make sysupgrade image from running device

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Back in the day I used run OpenWRT on 100+ Mikrotiks 2011.
I had installation image created the way that standard installation of OpenWRT has been made on one 'prototype' router and customized to my needs. Then tarball of whole filesystem has been taken and this one had been used for installation of another routers by means of wget2nand script. It was very easy and effecient - the support guy has been able to prepare new box for deployment in matter of minutes.

Now I returned to OpenWRT after some time and realized that there is no wget2nand and also installation images aren't tarballs anymore.

Is there a way how to turn running device filesystem into image usable by sysupgrade?

I would use the image builder, and create an image with the packages and config files that you need.

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