How to make internet over lan1 (O2 Box 6431 DSL)

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i have O2 Box 6431 and managed to put the nor firmware on it, luci workis fine, it has 4 ports and 1 DSL port, WAN and Wan6 are disconnected (could some one please confirm?). When i try to plug a network cable to the DSL port and adjust the interface to use dhcp client, it does not work, it seems connected to a modem (please confirm.)

I have a network cable coming from another router and would like to use LAN1 for internet, could you please tell me how to set it up?


A DSL port is different from an ethernet port, you cannot use it to connect to another router. You need to reconfigure a LAN port as WAN, just Google "OpenWrt use LAN port as WAN", and you will find many resources.


DSL port is a modem, that router has an integrated modem. The external DSL port is not network and is handled by the modem so it can only see a DSL line.

see this to change a LAN port to become a WAN How can I change my router's lan port to wan port? - #19 by mk24


thank you guys, for somebody searching in future, i find this link very good

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