How to make firewall software/hardwre offloading to work in a basic AP setup?

Hi guys, I have a basic AP setup with the latest 22.03 openwrt on Xiaomi AIoT AC2350 where I have lan and wlan bridged together in br-lan. In this setup wireless clients communicates with all other computers in my lan without any routing. In this case offloading does not work as firewall is not involved in packet transmission between lan and wlan and the transfer speed is about 150Mbps. At the same time the lan<->wan transfer speed Is about 850Mbps because of offloading in firewall. Is there any way how to mimic a bridge between wlan and lan using only firewall to get advantage of software/hardware offloading?

are you measuring this using ethernet cables only ?

No, with cable connection and with wireless connection

so you're comparing apples with bananas ....

try wired connection(s) only.

What does that mean? I have a desktop connected to a lan port of my router with a cable. I have a laptop, connected to lan wirelessly. I also have a server, connected to a wan port of my router with a cable. With offloading enabled the iperf3 transfer speed between laptop and server is about 283 Mbps, between desktop and server about 880Mbps, between laptop and desktop about 240 Mbps. The question is how to make it possible to have laptop-desktop transfer speed about 283 Mbps, like between laptop and server

that wasn't your initial question ....

I'd say the ~40 Mbps difference is within the margin of error.

You probably right. I checked again several times more and the worse laptop-server speed is just 5 Mbps better than the best laptop-desktop speed

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