How to make a specefic service use a specefic interface

I have a udp2raw service running on my OpenWRT router, when I'm connected to openvpn, udp2raw uses openvpn tunnel which I don't want it to. I want my udp2raw service to use directly wan internet all the time. can you please tell me how to do this?

If the address is a known address you can simply set a static route to route that address via the WAN (the same as how your OpenVPN servers address is using the WAN)

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I did add my remote server address that is my udp2raw server is running on in "Policy Based Routing" but it still uses my openvpn connection.

The udp2raw client is running on the router I assume so you need to set the rule on the output chain and not prerouting.
Prerouting is for LAN clients

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